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    A Dharma Glimpse by Angie Pell-Walpole

    As I was preparing to leave for an appointment earlier today my scarf caught on a hook. As usual I was on the edge of running late and my initial reaction was to tug the scarf away, but the threads were strong and didn’t snap, they only pulled tighter around the hook. I realised this was going to need a little more attention so I paused, looked closely at the patturn of colourful threads winding their way around the hook and picked them out, one at a time, until the scarf was freed.

    This tiny incident seemed like a clear metaphor to me. The action of tugging and rushing only made the situation worse and fed a more constricted mental state, whereas slowing down and taking the care to unpick each thread both freed the scarf and me, creating a more attentive and care-ful state of mind. It also reminded me of how using force to try and break a habit or create change only causes the threads of causes, conditions, needs and desires to tighten their hold. Whereas moving gently, paying attention to each thread and noticing it’s relation to other threads, can facilitate an organic, unforced, change.

    Namo Amida Butsu x

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