About us

    Welcome. Bright Earth offers simple Buddhist practices that connect us to the unconditional love of the Buddha, to our own Buddha-nature and our fallible human nature, to the Earth and to all living things.

    Bright Earth’s temple is in Malvern UK and is run by Buddhist teachers Kaspa and Satya. We offer Buddhist practice and other events at the temple or on Zoom and a Living the Dharma study programme. Here’s our introductory booklet. We look forward to meeting you.

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    Dharma Glimpse by Maria Trotter My husband and I spent most of last week in London. It was a hectic combination of work and shows that …
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    Plagued by emails

    Dharma Glimpse by Sonia At night, I’m plagued by emails. Ones I’ve received, ones I need to send, ones I need to reply too. The words …
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    Wellbeing Glimpse

    Dharma Glimpse by Paul Riley Yesterday, I passed by a place I used to call home when the demon of addiction was living through me. A …
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