About us

    Kaspa and Satya are standing next to the shrine, on which there is a seated golden coloured Buddha statue.
    Kaspa and Satya in the shrine room

    Bright Earth Temple offers simple practices that connect us to:

    • the unconditional love of the Buddha
    • our own Buddha-nature and our human nature
    • the Earth and all living things

    The temple is in Malvern, the UK, and is run by Buddhist teachers Kaspa and Satya. We open to the public for regular Buddhist practice both in our shrine room at the temple and on Zoom, and other events including monthly Mindful Walks.

    We sometimes have rooms available for residents – read more here. Donate to Bright Earth here, or buy a tree for the Bright Earth Grove here.

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    Three videos of Kaspa talking about environmental activism. Getting Arrested for Touching The Earth – a talk at Buddhafield Festival, Kaspa tells the story of his …
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