The retaining walls in the temple garden are at serious risk of collapsing. The brick wall (on top of the stonewall on the left) that holds back the vegetable patch has already lost a significant number of bricks. We’d like the soil to stay where it should! The archways are in similar states of disrepair. We’ve taken down the shrine from under one of them (right hand photo) as we’re worried about people congregating underneath the walls.

    The long garden wall (not pictured) between us and our neighbour is tilting into our garden like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. These walls are very old!

    We’re getting them repaired. Everything will be okay. The soil will stay where it should. The shrine can go back under the arch and the wall between us and our neighbour will be buttressed, rather than falling over.

    It’s costing a lot of money: £13 000.

    Please donate below to help us cover the costs. We are a small charity, and every donation makes a big difference to us. Even a small donation will help, but of course, large donations are welcome 🙂

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