It is impossible to perfectly describe our beliefs about how the Universe works, partly because words are always inadequate in the face of such vast mysteries, and partly because we will continue to learn from our experiences and make revisions. As provisional and incomplete as they are, we still feel that it is helpful to share the assumptions on which Bright Earth’s spirituality rests. We believe that:

    There is a source of infinite love and wisdom that is always present and that accepts us just as we are. 

    This love is inside us, outside us, and moves through us. It is not always easy to see.

    A good life is lived in awareness of this love and guided by this love.

    One way of seeing this love is as the light of Amida Buddha, whose name means limitless light and life.

    Human beings all contain this light at their centres. This is often covered up by layers of protection that show up as greed, ill will and delusion. 

    These protective layers relax and melt away under the light of the Buddha’s love.

    Getting to know our own particular ways of staying safe and being compassionate to these protective parts of ourselves can also help them to relax. 

    When our protective parts relax we are more able to feel our connection to the Buddha, and to all life. 

    People who continue to live in this light tend to become more relaxed, more compassionate to all beings and more full of joy.