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    Very Short Dharma Talks

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    Kaspa’s Podcast

    Grounded in Pureland Buddhism – spanning other topics. Click here to see all episodes.

    Saturday Night Dharma 

    A series of talks from a few years ago.

    Short talks from services (latest are at the bottom of the list)

    • 17/2/16 – What we get from the Buddha
    • 19/2/16 –
    • 21/2/16 – We are all loved
    • 2/3/16 – Bowing
    • 4/3/16 – What we get from failure
    • 16/3/16 – Riding The Dragon
    • 20/3/16 – Non-judgement
    • 18/5/16 – A bodhisattva is always confessing
    • 20/5/16 – Humbled by Amida’s acceptance of others
    • 22/05/16 – The Great Way avoids picking and choosing
    • 03/06/16 – Coming Down To Earth
    • 10/6/16 – Not focusing on results
    • 14/9/16 – Progress on the path
    • 16/9/16 – An enlightened person is still neurotic
    • 25/9/16 – Jnanamati on embodyment
    • 28/9/16 – Turning Mara’s arrows into flowers
    • 16/10/16 – Growing into Beautiful Things
    • 28/9/16 – Satya – The Secular becomes Sacred
    • 16/10/16 – Kaspa- Faith and Action

    Or stream them from our YouTube channel playlist: short talks


    Talk from our retreat day by Kaspalita: listen/download (mp3) or listen on YouTube

    Becoming Friends with Yourself

    Two talks from our recent retreat day.

    Makkhima Nikaya – Commentary by Rev Kaspalita

    A series of talks on the Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha. The translation I am reading from is by Bhikku Nanamoli and Bhikkhu Bodhi.

    The Larger Pureland Sutra – Commentary by Rev Kaspalita

    A series of talks on the Larger Pureland Sutra, in which Dharmakara Bodhisattva becomes Amida Buddha, and makes his famous vow to save all beings. This is the central text of our tradition. I am using the version of the Sutra compiled by Dharmavidya, which you can read online here: Larger Pureland Sutra. All talks are mp3 format.

    1. Being in touch with Eternity
    2. Enlightenment vs Spiritual Maturity
    3. Transmission and Inspiration
    4. Creating a World of Peace
    5. Saving All Beings
    6. Relating to Amida’s vows, and The Bodhisattva’s Path
    7. What is it like in the Pureland?
    8. The Final Four Vows
    9. Confirmation of Great Vows: The recording failed for this talk.
    10. Dharmakara becomes Amida Buddha

    Although I don’t finish reading to the end of the Sutra in this series, I think that the most important points are covered in these ten talks. If you read on in the Sutra yourself, you will see the remainder is a reiteration and confirmation of what has gone before

    The Life of No Regret – Commentary by Rev Kaspalita

    This series of short talks (around ten minutes each) focuses one section from the Larger Pureland Sutra. The Life of No Regret is a verse that Dharmakara recites spontaneously when he meets his teacher for the first time. In it he praises his teacher, outlines the qualities of a Buddha and vows to become a Buddha himself. You can read the text online here: Life of No Regret. This series is currently incomplete, but each talk is complete in and of itself. They were given as dharma talks as part of our Wednesday evening service, in 2011.

    1. Living a Life of No Regret
    2. Your Radiant Face
    3. Your Incomparable Face
    4. Rare and Precious are Your Precepts
    5. The Oceanic Dharma of All Buddhas, and Love
    6. You are Like a Lion
    7. Perfecting Wisdom and Compassion Takes Lifetimes
    8. A Prayer I Make a Buddha to Become
    9. Lead all Beings to the Other Shore
    10. Change Comes From a Change of Heart
    11. Great Peace For All The Messy, Ordinary People
    12. Making Offerings: If You Understand This You Understand The Whole of Buddhism

    Talks from our Amida Malvern Study Mornings

    From 2011

    From 2014