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    A Dharma Glimpse by Beth Hickey

    Worm therapy 

    Who made the worm? 

    Why make a worm?

    Gendering is not an issue.

    When I first decided to start a compost I knew nothing about worms.

    In fact for the first few months they stayed well clear of my bin. Do you know that in an acre of land there can be over a million earthworms… so where are they!

    I looked longingly over the fence at my neighbours sweet smelling compost, oozing with worms. I had a moment’s thought of rummaging with my trowel but that would be thievery and I’m not allowed to do that!

    Worms. How do you get them? Where do they come from? Do they start as foetuses?

    Long worms, earthworms, flatworms, ringworms, roundworms, tapeworms, computer worm….which one is best?

    I Google worms and learn that Worms gobble up our left overs and out it comes as compost. Wow That’s truly amazing!

    If there is “too much left overs” and they overheat they climb to the top to get some breath before diving back in again. Perhaps they should have snorkels. They work in a clockwise direction and can dig down up to 7 feet.

    If you don’t look after your worms they pack their segments and head to your neighbours home! Oh blimey…

    I’m hooked.

    I start to reorganise my diet in order to improve my scrapes bin. If worms don’t like onions, orange peel or banana peel, then neither do I! 

    They like to be kept warm and not too wet, they like to be churned so they don’t get too bored or overwhelmed. And if you play it right they have babies, lots and lots of them, until your bin is full to the brim.

    Worms have a brain and nervous system and feel pain, so we need to care, nurture and respect them. It claims they have free will.. I guess they can choose which bin to frequent. That’s why you have to spoil them, 5 star all inclusive for my invertebrates.

    It’s now a year since I started my compost and I think I recognise some of my worms. They can live up to four years. They let me now what mood they are in, or if they require more bedding, food or water. Or just a bit of loving x 

    I love my composting worms, we work as a team.

    This spring my flowers will look stunning and that’s  thanks to my little squidgy mates.

    Namo Amida Bu.

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