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    Dharma Glimpse by Beth Hickey

    On my way to the swimming pool while on holiday, I came across a spectacular beastie. It was enormous, with massive muscular legs, spindly antenna and keen beady eyes. So thank goodness for me that it was on its back, too humongous to flip itself back upright.

    I noticed several people ahead of me had stopped and gawped, laughed and turned away in disgust… “it’s a nasty cockroach” they said.

    As I bent down to take a better look,
    I heard it ask me to; “stop staring and help please”. So I did!
    It took three attempts using a small stick to flip it back on its “right way up”.

    I had visions of it flying into my face in defiance, pinching me with its pincers or at least take a nibble out of my toe.

    But it didn’t, it shook itself off, dusted itself down, looked up at me and winked. And I’m not kidding!
    It made my day and I guess I made his too.

    How wonderfully compassionate human beings are capable of being.

    Namo Amida Bu

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