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    Dharma Glimpse by Dayamay Dunsby

    A moment of reflection on a beach recently, in the presence of turbulent weather, gave me an insight into the more primal aspects of my processes. I was contemplating a recent development in my life, which brings both great joy and great doubt and concern.

    I noticed that the waves had a particularly powerful energy, like some unseen hand thrashing around in the murky depths, causing friction and disquiet on the surface. It looked like I felt. Deep currents of foreboding and uncertainty, breaking into the light from a realm in me that seems unknowable.

    Somehow I took great comfort from this experience. Maybe nature affirming my present orientation, assuring me that, come what may, I am where I need to be.

    I love the Buddhist idea that Samsara, the cycle of birth and suffering and Nirvana, ultimate reality are essentially one and the same. The travails of the suffering realms are said to be like ripples on the great ocean of the unconditioned. Facilitating the conversion of anguish and confusion into wisdom and happiness.

    Namo Amida Bu( :

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