Here are a few of our favourite books or online resources – there’s lots to explore!

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    Ocean by Kenneth Tanaka – a general introduction to Buddhism and an introduction to Pureland Buddhism

    No-nonsense Buddhism for Beginners by Noah Rasheta – the questions you’ve always wanted to ask. Noah is a secular Buddhist and we’re more devotional here at the temple, but this is still a great place to start.

    General books on Buddhism

    The Buddha by Karen Armstrong – a great summary of the Buddha’s life story

    Buddhism Plain and Smiple by Steve Hagen

    Everyday Zen: Love and Work by Charlotte Joko Beck

    Any books by Pema Chodron, Thich Nhat Hahn, Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach etc.

    Books on Pure Land Buddhism

    NEW Coming Home: Refuge in Pureland Buddhism – Satya’s new book on Pureland Buddhism.

    Just As You Are: Buddhism for Foolish Beings by Satya Robyn and Kaspalita Thompson

    The Promise of Amida Buddha: Honen’s Path to Bliss by Joji Atone

    Essential Shin Buddhism: The Path of True Entrusting ed by Alfred Bloom

    The Other Buddhism: Amida Comes West by Caroline Brazier

    Call of the Infinite: The Way of Shin Buddhism by John Paraskevopoulos

    Shin Buddhism: Bits of Rubble Turn Into Gold by Taitetso Unno

    River of Fire, River of Water by Taitetso Unno


    No Bad Parts by Richard Schwartz – describing Internal Family Systems (the therapy model Satya and Kaspa use) as a personal and spiritual practice. Lots of overlap with Buddhism.

    Do try and avoid Amazon if you can whilst buying Dharma books 🙂 – you could try the online version of our local bookshop, the Malvern Book Coop, or Book Depository, or ideally your own local bookshop.

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