Satya with XR Buddhists

    Kaspa and Satya called their temple ‘Bright Earth’ because caring for the Earth has become increasingly important for both of them over the past few years. They both knew about the climate crisis and the harm we’ve been doing to the Earth for decades, but more recently they woke up to the size of the emergency facing us, and saw clearly how the continued inaction of governments and big corporations is leading us towards catastrophe.

    Satya and Kaspa believe that we can all do our part – whether that’s personal choices like eating less meat or buying less plastic or flying less, or whether it involves joining with others, by signing petitions or going on marches or taking part in online campaigns. There are some ideas to get you started here, or take one of Satya’s free e-courses here. Small actions add up!

    Satya is doing a daily vigil for the Earth in 2021, and she wrote a book of love letters to the Earth. Kaspa was involved in forming the Eco Dharma Network and has organised the past two Buddhist Action Months across the UK (and this year across Europe). There are also more radical forms of eco-activism, including non-violent civil disobedience. Satya and Kaspa are both involved in Extinction Rebellion Buddhists and have taken their turn sitting in meditation in front of a line of police!

    Here at Bright Earth we have been enjoying doing our Saturday services in the temple garden due to coronavirus restrictions, and will start these up again when we can – we plan to continue with weekly outside practice even when we can use our shrine room again. Khema is passionate about yatras, and we will organise these again when we can. We believe that a good relationship with the Earth enhances our spiritual lives – even ten minutes sitting quietly outside every day can make a big difference. The closer we feel to the Earth, the more likely we are to want to look after her as a natural consequence of our care for her.

    Namo Amitabha.