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    Dharma Glimpse by Paul Riley

    Yesterday, I passed by a place I used to call home when the demon of addiction was living through me. A top-floor bohemian flat, shared with two people I met somewhere I can’t remember. I experienced an emotional reaction not dissimilar to that which arises when finding an old letter written by a long-lost friend. My mind re-traced my old steps; peering up at my old room, feelings bubbled up, like when the question ‘Will I ever see you again? is asked, and I walked by, strangely pining for the absent chaos I got used to. Then, I saw the hungry ghost of my old self trudging up the path, just having picked up a bottle to get it through the evening and realised how grateful I am that my life is not that way anymore.

    I was heading to a church further down the road to connect with like-minded souls who could identify with these same feelings. I am no longer possessed by that demon which formed a life by taking mine. Today, I am liberated by the power of Amida.

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