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    Dharma Glimpse by Beth Hickey

    In the distance is a silhouette of the Cretan mountains behind the twinkling lights of the little town below as the sun fades for the day.

    In my minds eye I also see the Malvern Hills silhouetted behind the twinkly lights of the little houses that hug the hills I love so much.

    I’m in awe of the Cretan mountains because they seem old and ancient. But so too are the Malvern hills and not that long ago (speaking cosmically) we were all connected as part of one land mass.

    So the fact that I feel connected is probably because I am.

    While catching up on Daymays Reading on the Gardens and Birdsong, I was lying on a sun lounger and I was simultaneously listening to both the Malvern blackbird song and the Greek birdsong, soaking up the magnificent Greek mountains and the Malvern hills. How amazing is that?

    I can do and enjoy both because I am connected to these landscapes. I am made from the same material and today I feel it acutely. The sun, the half moon, the mountains, the sea, the bougainvillea, the bluebells the birdsong, the soil, the cicadas, the wren and shrew AND the foolish human being.

    Today I embrace that I’m a foolish being. Today I let go of my craving, I don’t rush to the sun lounger with my towel and hog it for the day, I don’t wish I had a figure like the young bronzed nymph on “that” lounger, I don’t gobble as much “all inclusive “ as I can, because today I am in touch with the dharma and it’s teachings.

    Today I reflect on how i fit into the cosmos and appreciate HOW lucky I am to just be part of this truly amazing journey and if I can just stop to appreciate instead of expecting I can gain so much more… the beginnings of true enlightenment.

    Namo Amida Bu

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