Join us every Tuesday as we sit in silent meditation for the Earth.

    We will begin under the tree at Belle Vue Island (at the top of the steps opposite the Post Office in Malvern) at midday with a ten minute check in. We’ll then move to sit on or around the steps and sit for forty minutes in silent vigil for the Earth.

    You can stay for the full forty minutes or leave earlier, or just drop in any time between 12.10pm and 12.50pm. Feel free to sit on the steps, on the bench at the top of the steps, bring a fold-up chair or stool, etc. You can have your eyes open or closed.

    This weekly event is jointly hosted by Bright Earth Buddhist temple and XR Buddhists. This event is open to anyone who cares about what is happening to our Earth, and willing to be a public witness to the Earth’s suffering. If you’d like to read more about what you can do to help the planet, you could start here or read the facts here.

    If you have any questions about this practice, about XR Buddhists or about the climate and ecological emergency, do email Satya & Kaspa at