‘Parts Work’ by Tom Holmes (introducing Internal Family Systems) – facilitated by Kaspa on Zoom or at the temple by Satya. Register by 3rd January. Meetings on Sundays 5pm – 6pm UK time for 8 weeks – 15th Jan, 22nd Jan, 29th Jan, 5th Feb, 19th Feb, 26th Feb, 5th Mar, 12th Mar. More details about how to register here.

    “Parts Work” is an excellent and fun introduction to a way of seeing the world called ‘Internal Family Systems’. Internal Family Systems or IFS allows us to get to know the different ‘parts’ inside us (those that are critical, those that make us eat chocolate etc!) and to find out more about the relationships they have with each other and the reasons why they have to do their jobs.

    During this course you will be encouraged to do the exercises in the book and get to know your own parts. IFS is very gentle and safe, and also powerful. It also has a spiritual component which fits very easily with Buddhism. IFS changed my life (Satya speaking!) – it might change yours too!

    “The book, Parts Work, describes our inner psychological world with drawings which are moving, thought-provoking, sometimes humorous and often poignant. The book shows how we can disentangle ourselves from the problematic habitual patterns in which we get stuck, and offers ways of positively using our particular talents and style for a fuller life. Through practical examples as well as clinical illustrations, the book helps us to understand ourselves and others better.”