NEW MONTHLY GROUP:Painting Enlightenment by Iwasaki Tsuneo and Paula Arai‘: monthly – facilitated by Satya both in person at Bright Earth Buddhist Temple at 10.45am – 12 midday on the following Saturdays and on Zoom from 2pm – 3.15pm on the same Saturdays. Dates: 27th May, 24th June, 29th July, 26th August, 30th September, 28th October, 25th November, 16th December, 27th Jan ’24, 24th Feb ’24, 30th Mar ’24, 27th Apr ’24. Register by 1st of May. Start saving for your copy of the book!

    This beautiful book of Iwasaki’s devotional paintings are accompanied by Arai’s poetic words and the combination of the images and Dharma is designed to wake you up…

    Join us for a special monthly book group as we take a deep dive into the Heart Sutra, the focus of Iwasaki’s work, and linger with his images. You will be asked to write a reflection each month and an optional creative response to the paintings. We will begin each group by chanting the Heart Sutra together and you will be encouraged to invite the text and the paintings into your daily life as we travel through the year together.

    You will be required to either buy yourself a copy of the book or have access to one (i.e. we’ll have a couple of copies in the temple library). If you will struggle to save up for the book which is around £26 do get in touch and we may be able to help you out financially.

    Either join a face to face group in the temple (10.45am – midday on the Saturdays above) or a Zoom group (2pm – 3.15pm).

    I can’t wait to get started!