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    An easy introduction to Shin Buddhism.

    “In his Heart of the Shin Buddhist Path, Takamaro Shigaraki examines Shin Buddhism anew as a practical path of spiritual growth and self-transformation, challenging assessments of the tradition as a passive religion of mere faith. Shigaraki presents the core themes of the Shin Buddhist path in fresh, engaging, down-to-earth language, considering each frankly from both secular and religious perspectives. Shigaraki discloses a nondual Pure Land that finds philosophical kinship with Zen but has been little discussed in the West. With its unassuming language and insights drawn from a life of practice, Heart of the Shin Buddhist Path dispels the fog of misconception that has shrouded Western appreciation of Shin traditions to reveal the limitless light of Amida Buddha that reaches all.”


    “Professor Shigaraki ties the doctrine and practice of True Pure Land Buddhism to the broader Mahayana Buddhist tradition, thereby creating a book that will be of interest both to Buddhist practitioners of all denominations and scholars of modern Japanese Buddhism.”–Richard M. Jaffe, Duke university

    “A must read.”–Kenneth Kenshin Tanaka, Musashino University and International Association of Shin Buddhist Studies

    “Offers a significant perspective for the expanding interfaith dialogue between Buddhism and the diverse world of contemporary spiritual movements.”–Alfred Bloom, Emeritus Professor, University of Hawaii –This text refers to the paperback edition.

    About the author

    Takamaro Shigaraki is a Buddhist priest and scholar, recognized as one of the leading Shin Buddhist thinkers in the world today. His innovative approach to traditional Shin Buddhist ideas via comparative religious scholarship and rational analysis has made him a cause celebre in the Shin Buddhist world. He has served as president of Ryukoku University, one of Japan’s oldest and most prestigious universities, where he received his PhD in literary studies and is a Professor Emeritus of Shin Buddhist studies. Dr. Shigaraki has also served as Chairman of the Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai, the largest Shin Buddhist organization in the world.

    David Matsumoto is a Buddhist priest and minister at the Berkeley Buddhist Temple. He received BA and JD degrees from the University of Minnesota-Minneapolis, an MA from the Institute of Buddhist Studies (IBS), and an MA and PhD from Ryukoku University in Tokyo, Japan. Matsumoto has translated from Japanese Bearer of Light: The Life and Thought of Rennyo, by Jitsuen Kakehashi, a contemporary Shin scholar. He lives in Northern California, where he teaches Contemporary Shin Buddhist Studies at the Institute for Buddhist Studies. –This text refers to the paperback edition.