In addition to the teachers Kaspa and Satya have learnt so much from over the years, including Rev. Gyomay Kubose, Suzuki Shunryu, Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, David Brazier, Rev. Koshin Schomberg, Terrance Keanan, John Paraskevopoulos and many more, Bright Earth are particularly guided by teachers Sujatin and Wendy Shinyo Haylett. Our relationship with Wendy and Sujatin goes back many years and we call on them when we are in need of support or when we want a second opinion on a Buddhist matter. We also rely on them to keep an eye on us and on Bright Earth! Their biographies are below.

    Sujatin is a Buddhist teacher with many decades of experience and she now practices with the Community of Interbeing. As well as Pure Land Buddhism she has been influenced by other spiritual traditions including Shamanism. Her sangha in Perth, Scotland is called the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life sangha practices Pureland Buddhism and loving-kindness and mindfulness in the Plum Village style.

    Wendy Shinyo Haylett has spent many decades in various Buddhist traditions and has been a leading facilitator at Bright Dawn, the community founded by Rev. Gyomay Kubose, for many years. She runs the popular podcast ‘Everyday Buddhism: Making Everyday Better.’ and has a sangha of the same name. You can find her website here.