the cover of the book The Wisdom of Wilderness - a photo of a stream and waterfall in the sunset with the text of the tile and author

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    Gerald G. May, most well known for his book Addiction and Grace, here describes how following the call of the wilderness can lead to profound experiences of healing and connection. May describes following that call into the wildness of the mountains, how that journey unfolds and invites us to follow the same call to wildness wherever that leads.

    “The natural world has a power to inspire the best and soothe the worst in each of us. It also has much to teach us about the wilderness within and the divine presence that is manifest in nature. In this, his last work, beloved author Gerald May offers a memoir and spiritual guide that reveals the great lessons available to us when we retreat from our busy lives to the serenity of the natural wilderness.”

    May was a psychiatrist, one of the founding figures of contemplative psychology and while rooted in his own Christian faith, learnt from wisdom traditions from across the world.

    Why join this group?

    As we read about May’s experience of “hearing the call”, and his experiences in the natural world, we” reflect on how that call shows up in our own lives, our own experiences of wilderness (in the broadest possible sense) and learn from reading the other group members reflections on May’s words.