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    A Dharma Glimpse poem by Dave Smith

    Look to the horizon

    See the beauty in its outline

    Sharp black silhouettes of ancient ash and oak

    above soft rounded hills

    Look to the ground beneath you

    See the beauty in its complexity

    Each blade of grass and wild flower petal

    repeating patterns of nature’s symmetry

    A myriad colours contrasting and blending in equal measure

    Look to the still pool

    See the beauty in its perfection

    Subtle ripples skipping across its surface, fleeing gentle breezes

    Silent creatures gliding beneath in quiet shadows

    Listen to the wind

    Hear it approaching through the trees

    Listen to the birds

    Hear their song with delight and love in your heart

    Listen to your heart

    And know that you are alive

    Listen to your heart

    And know that you are blessed

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