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    Glimpse by Olly

    On the side of a hill there is a flag pole, the Buddhist flag waves from the top of the pole. The Buddhist flag is vertical stripes of orange, white, red yellow and blue..
    The Buddhist flag: Image by vined mind from Pixabay

    Monk: “Is is the wind that is in motion, or is it only the flag that is moving?”
    Response: “Both are moving, Holy one.”
    Monk: “One day you will realise that there is no wind, and the flag does not move. It is only the hearts of men that are restless.”

    I wanted to share this quote for my glimpse this week as it inspired a real sense of reality and relatability in me. A restless state often takes hold of us, without warning or reason, which I often find is the case in my job and home life. I’ll create lists, think of what needs to be done next and allow restlessness in without stepping back and taking a moment to breathe. I’m sure this quote could be picked apart and many meanings could be found, but I love the simplicity of the monks response, which encourages us to look at inward causation rather than external factors.

    This imagery of the flag moving in the wind has stayed with me throughout this week, and when days have been busy and restless it has been helpful to remind myself to bring to mind the monk’s wise words, and look inwardly for peace.

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