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    Dharma Glimpse By Helen

    At the end of 2022 lots of messages were being shared and discussed around finding a word to focus on for 2023. I took some time to consider this as I’ve done this exercise before in years past but somehow it seems particularly poignant for 2023 for me.

    During practise on New Year’s Eve we were challenged to listen out for wisdom from the divine around what would help us in 2023 rather than trying to control our way through a list of material achievements that we could set for ourselves.

    Very quickly a strong sense came to me that my word could be “lightness”.

     So this is my challenge. To hold all impending truths lightly.

    This will be a significant work in progress as it does not come naturally to me. I often overburden and overwhelm myself with fight or flight, black or white, life or death thinking. My nervous system has been shocked to a cinder in 2022 and this year it’s a challenge not to push so hard.

    I think the reason that the temple has had such an ingratiating effect on me is because it feels light. Inside the shrine room feels safe, not in a protectionist loaded way but rather in a freeing, grounding way.

    In 2023 I want more of this.

    More light, more grounding, more space. Less fear response. Less white knuckle death grip. Less absolutes. Impermanence is a gift.

    Namo Amida Bu 

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