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    Dharma Glimpse by Dayamay Dunsby

    Can you remember the moment that you first grasped the profundity of what it means that you’re alive?

    One minute you’re not here – next minute you are.

    Like a puppy licking a strangers face. Confronted with an alien landscape.

    Each new thing engaging the mind of form and feeling. Every mindless breath drawing us deeper into the nature of things.

    We are propelled into a stream of unconsciousness, perpetually manifest by our collective scrambling for actuality…solidity. This stretches back into the depths of eternity.

    Nature occurs as an anchor, the ground upon which we gradually sense the ephemeral and turn towards the unconditioned.

    It never stops coming forth. Just as the mind never ceases, so nature endlessly secretes life and the capacity for experience and understanding.

    Nature and mind are co-extensive with one another. They are coterminous.

    Can they be both…or nothing at all?

    Buddhas buddhas everywhere…everywhere you look…Buddhas!!

    Namo Amitabha. 

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