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    A Dharma Glimpse by Imogen

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    I’ve been considering all day what I might write for my dharma glimpse and nothing quite felt right. I found myself reading through other glimpses and wondering what I am supposed to write.

    In my journal, these things come so easily to me, but there is something about writing the glimpse for other people to read that makes me freeze up a bit and try to bend and contort things to some idea of how it “should be”.

    So after much pondering, this process in itself became my glimpse.

    In trying so hard
    I was missing my heart.
    My mind tried to push
    And created the “shoulds”.
    The reality is, my truth as it is.
    No need to conform
    brings wisdom
    into form.

    So often, I want there to be a “right way”, some clear path to follow. Perhaps it is certainty I look for in a world, and a me, that is always changing. And yet this is where life itself sits. In a constant ebb and flow of change. I want a button to press to make it all more solid, more predictable in some way. I feel myself wanting something to hold on to and in some way this came through in my struggle to think about what I wanted to write for my glimpse today, because actually I found that when I sat down to write, the words came. All I needed to do was trust that they would come and that they would be exactly what was needed. The I that is my mind, didn’t have a plan, no. But the words came just the same.

    Namo Amida Bu

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