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    Dharma Glimpse by Sheila Maund

    I feel very aware of the seasons changing this week and the approach of September, which always heralds s time of new beginnings and bigger changes.

    I went to Colwall Orchard Group to pick my husband up from a community meeting and arrived a little early.

    Initially I sat on a large stone outside the shed and took out my phone- to check messages and generally scroll-a bad habit.

    I noticed a bat, flying past and put my phone away. I watched as 2 bats, I have no idea what kind, flew in clockwise circles, around where I was sitting and in wider circles taking in the edge of the allotments.

    I noticed how quiet it was, only a very distant sound of a car somewhere, and the quiet tick ticking of the bats. I felt completely at peace and fascinated by the bats living life on the wing, gaining their sustenance as part of a dance, living their lives in perfect balance. Simply part of the natural ecosystem . It reminded me of the teachings of simplicity, in awareness and naturally.

    I felt so lucky to have caught a glimpse of these beautiful creatures, just getting on with their lives and reflected on the need to put aside distractions and remember to focus on this moment.

    Namo Amida Bu.

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