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    Dharma Glimpse by Kim Allard

    When I was young I asked my Dad if prayers work. He replied that they might but they weren’t like a gum ball machine where you put something in and get something out. Today I would reply “maybe.”

    As I turn to Amitabha in meditation, gratitude and times of difficulty I find renewed strength from unexpected sources. These small graces happen with a frequency causing me long ago to discarded them as coincidence.  I no longer make specific requests but simply ask for guidance, strength, patience or help for someone in need.  The creativity and wisdom of the reply never fails to astound me. Then I have to resist the temptation to tell everyone what happened. I have come to realize these replies are private and unique for each of us.  Amitabha’s response will resonate within the one who asks and when shared can be misunderstood.

    Dad today is the fourth anniversary since you passed.  My prayer for you is an acknowledgement that we didn’t do the Dad and daughter thing very well.  Our time together was complicated and difficult.  But I will always be grateful to you for leaving me with coping skills I value. Because I now know my prayers bare fruit I send you my love and gratitude for what you could give me – and I focus less on what you could not.  May you forever be in Love, light and peace. 

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