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    A Dharma Glimpse by David Hope

    David describes a spiritual experience.

    David’s sketch of the moment

    Just over a year ago, in November 2020, I was walking my friend’s dog on the
    common at the bottom of Thirlstane Road. The weather was unsettled with rain
    showers and the clouds were moving quite rapidly in the wind. As they did so a
    crescent moon appeared and disappeared, and sunlight periodically shone from
    the west. When it did so rainbows appeared, apparently close to the railway line.
    My immediate feeling was one of enchantment and I was moved to attempt to
    sketch an outline of the scene on returning home (see attached).

    Here is a short poem composed as another attempt to describe this non-dual
    experience of nature:

    Wind and showers a’blowing
    Dusk approaching.
    Who’d imagine
    A world so chaotic.
    Muddy paths, other hounds
    Straining at the leash.
    Trains crossing on the tracks
    Bound for Timbuktu?
    Somehow outer universe
    And inner subjectivity match
    In a magical moment
    Of oneness with Nature

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